Early Intervention
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Refer early, engage early, achieve optimised outcome. See how HCB Group understand this process and have proven its effectiveness with results.

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Combining absence management, early intervention, case management and rehabilitation. See how HCB Group are out to redefine Occupational Health Services!


Welcome to HCB Australia

HCB Group has been supporting disability insurers and employers in the UK and Ireland since 1984. HCB Group have a proven outcome and customer service record and we are proud to have built a market leading reputation which is underpinned by client relationships, integrity and reliability.  2021 saw the launch of HCB Australia.  HCB Australia will leverage the HCB Group skills and experience and bring a new dynamic to the Australian Income Protection and Employee wellness market.

HCB Australia’s mission is to Redefine Occupational Health.  Our aim is to change the mind-set relative to what a fully integrated holistic and outcome focused Occupational Health provider can deliver. Rather than the traditional ‘medical model’, HCB Group’s approach blends compassion and common sense and draws on rigorous scientific research, which is constantly refined and updated.

Wellness at Work, Absence Management, Early Intervention and Rehabilitation are combined into a seamless integrated service.  HCB Group knows based on our own experience that the majority of sickness absence arises from social rather than medical determinants.  HCB Group’s focus is on the absentee with the Clinical Care Coordinator engaging positively with them, identifying and dismantling return-to-work barriers, and working with them and their employers to agree a sustainable return to work plan that works for all stakeholders.

Based on HCB Group’s experience, we know that if absentees are referred within 4 weeks, the fully adopted HCB Group model can achieve outcomes in up to 90% of cases managed – where referrals are made 26 weeks or more after date first absent, <5% of absentees are ever likely to return to work.

HCB Group’s pioneering work in this area has been customised to meet the needs of Australian insurers, employers, and employees.

Tailored support

Based on our experience we know that every client is different. Insurers have very different claims philosophies, and employers have different cultures, some supportive and paternalistic, and others are more rules based.

For this reason, HCB Group has learned to deliver the same outcome focused service, but carefully nuanced to blend with the culture of the organisations we support.

See what separates us from our competitors, by reading a little about The Science Behind the Service below.

Need proof that Early Intervention works?

The Science Behind the Service

HCB Clinical Care Coordinators are laser-focussed on sustainable outcomes. Their work is underpined by three pillars, which combine to make HCB Australia a unique provider of Employee Health Management Systems.

Understand the Cause

Granular understanding and use of the BPS Model of Disability Assessment. Regular training from a BPS architect, Professor Sir Mansel Aylward CB. This enables our CCM’s to understand the prominence of Biological, Psychological and Social factors influencing RTW at core level.

Control Duration

HCB uses world leading disability duration guidelines to aid target RTW dates, provide details on likely co-morbidities and help keep absentees motivated and driven towards sustainable RTW.

Communicate Positively

A company which HCB Group has established to deliver market leading training services, using nudge theory, brain science and motivational interviewing techniques to deliver better outcomes and improve relationships.

Kate Collins, HCB Australia Director and COO says;

“HCB Group are excited to be bringing HCB to Australia to be able to deliver person-centred care through the provision of tailored support to our customers. We recognise the health benefits of purpose-filled work and we will work closely with both employers and employees to provide a prompt remain at work or return to work solution when they need it the most.”


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